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Consultez votre comptable pour les opérations d’ouverture à faire éventuellement.

Documentation Odoo sur l’exercice comptable

"Closing the fiscal year

In Odoo there is no need to do a specific year end closing entry in order to close out income statement accounts. The reports are created in real-time, meaning that the Income statement corresponds directly with the year-end date you specify in Odoo. Therefore, any time you generate the Income Statement, the beginning date will correspond with the beginning of the Fiscal Year and the account balances will all be 0.

Once the accountant/bookkeeper has created the journal entry to allocate the Current Year Earnings, you should set the Lock Date to the last day of the fiscal year. Making sure that before doing so, you confirm whether or not the current year earnings in the Balance Sheet is correctly reporting a 0 balance."

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Vidéo du fondateur d'Odoo qui explique les bases de la comptabilité sur la version 9 Entreprise :

A la minute 55', il y a un petit passage sur la clôture des comptes.